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The Louisiana Cotton and Grain Association advocates on behalf of its members at the state and national levels on a variety of issues. The LCGA seeks the concerns and advice of its membership, who possess first-hand knowledge of the legislative and regulatory effects on their businesses. The officers of the LCGA ensure that these issues are effectively communicated to political leaders. The LCGA’s ultimate goal in representing its members is to promote and urge our legislators to create legislation that allows Louisiana producers to maximize their profitability and to improve our state’s agribusinesses.

Additionally, LCGA representatives provide member representation to the following non-exclusive committees: the Louisiana Water Management Advisory Task Force; the NRCS State Technical Advisory Committee; the state DEQ Nonpoint Source Interagency Committee; and the Louisiana Nutrient Management Task Force.

Information and Communication Services
One of the goals of LCGA is to disseminate information regarding industry developments, particularly those relating to laws and regulations affecting all segments of the cotton and grain industries. The LCGA also strives to promote and encourage research in the development of better crop yields and agricultural products through improved production and marketing procedures.

The LCGA has at least two membership meetings each year, where insightful speakers provide current and valuable information to Louisiana producers. Members also have access to weekly e-mail updates on current state and federal policy issues and other news that is relevant to their farm operations. Further, members are encouraged to contact Executive Vice President Bobby Skeen with any questions or concerns. He is available to visit with you and help you find the information you are looking for.

Leadership Opportunities
As a certified producer organization of the leading national agricultural organizations, the LCGA appoints its members to leadership positions with the National Cotton Council, The Cotton Board and Cotton Incorporated, in addition to several other state and national organizations. Additional opportunities are available with leadership development programs and numerous agricultural advisory committees, which depend on the LCGA to nominate valuable members to these important committees.

Louisiana Cotton and Grain Association members are also able to seek leadership positions within LCGA and lead the organization’s efforts in policy development at the state and national levels. Each LCGA member has an equal voice and is afforded countless opportunities to be an active participant in decision-making that affects Louisiana agriculture.

Workers' Compensation Insurance
In addition to the aforementioned benefits, members of Louisiana Cotton and Grain Association will be eligible to apply for membership in the LAC Self-Insured Fund (LAC-SIF), which is owned by and operated for its members. Benefits include competitive premiums, loss control services, and high quality in-house claims management. As a result, the LAC-SIF has been able to distribute surplus funds to its members in each of the last twenty-one years. By providing quality services at the lowest possible cost to its members, the LAC-SIF is the clear #1 choice for workers’comp insurance in Louisiana. The LAC-SIF prides itself in providing prompt claim services to injured employees at the lowest possible cost to employers.

For more information on how your business can benefit from this program, please visit the fund’s website: You may also contact the fund administrator Terry Duke at 1-800-798-2999 and

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